For the last 25 years, Roth Ryan Hayes has established itself as a go-to partner for companies seeking the right agencies for their particular set of challenges and pressures. We have helped a broad range of businesses ranging from Automotive, CPG, Retail, Financial and Services. If we have learned one thing along the way, it is that our clients get the greatest returns from their agency partnerships when they provide the time for us to identify the problems that need resolution before embarking on the agency search process. In business, as in life, you cannot solve problems before you identify them.

With our clients' digital needs and opportunities expanding exponentially, Roth Ryan Hayes is proud to announce the addition of Chris Hayes, a digital expert, to our team. Hayes represents over two decades of expertise in digital and innovation, having most recently served as CMO at HUGE and Code and Theory, two leading digital agencies. Hayes brings to Roth a leading-edge perspective on digital strategy, digital agency selection, digital initiative management, and cross-platform activation. His experience will help us provide 360 degree counsel focused on digital strategy, activation, and innovation.

Digital Transformation and Activation

The digital resources and approaches at today’s companies’ disposal are proliferating at an unprecedented rate, meaning specialized expertise is essential to choosing the right digital approach for the right business and the best activation resources.

Together, we help growing companies answer some of the most perplexing digital questions: “Should digital be at the center of a company’s go-to-market strategy? Should we utilize a range of digital marketing programs to provide quicker and larger returns? Should we invest in a range of integrated programs to exploit digital speed for customer tools?” Roth Ryan Hayes will counsel on methods to address a company’s specific challenges with impactful digital strategies.